Learn 10 Steps to Buy & Hold Small Multi-Family Rental Properties in 2022

Join 1,000+ aspiring investors who have used this guide to expand their knowledge and grab their first positive cash flowing duplex, triplex or quadplex.

In this guide, you'll get exposed to the 10 foundational principles every real estate investor needs to begin their real estate investing journey and build multiple streams of income so that, you never have to worry about being acquired, fired or laid off ever again.

  1. Identify Your Purpose and Set Your Goals for Investing in Real Estate
  2. Establish and Stick to Your Investing Criteria
  3. Build a Team
  4. Find The Opportunity
  5. Decide How You'll Finance & Fund Your Down Payment
  6. Analyze, Analyze, Analyze
  7. Make Offers
  8. Offer Accepted, Now What?!
  9. Addressing Inherited Tenants
  10. Money Management

I made a 396% return on a single duplex using these 10 Steps.

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